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A Brief History of Cocktails

A brief look into the history of cocktails over the years.

Image courtesy of Cosi Tabellini UK.

Are you a purist; scientifically measuring and decanting, carefully studying the recipe? Or are you more relaxed; guesstimating a slug and hoping for the best? Or do you pretend to be ‘Bond, James…

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Valentines Night on the Hill

A wintry Valentines night alone 3,000 ft high on Pen y Fan.


I’ve just finished reading The Arctic Grail. Tales of slightly unhinged explorers in the 17th Century spending multiple winters in the high arctic in their quest for the North West Passage, it somehow…

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How to Pan for Gold

Five tips on gold panning by a world champion gold panner - Vince Thurkettle.


It is not quite as dramatic as the Hollywood film ‘Paint your Wagon’, or quite as harsh as real-life prospecting would have been in the mid-1800s in Gold-Rush California, however, standing up to…

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