Alvar Aalto: The Human Modernist

An overview of the work of Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto.

Portrait of Alvar Aalto in 1970. Photo by Ensio Ilmonen / Lehtikuva via Artek.

In today’s design-saturated world, Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto’s modernist legacy endures as a testament to his great genius. Born ‘Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto’ in 1898 in Kuortane, a small municipality in…

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Interview with Svenskt Tenn

Exploring the cultural & creative philosophy of the iconic Swedish design store.

Image © Svenskt Tenn.

Concepts that can often be thought of as paradoxical – such as historic & contemporary, modernism & heritage, craft & commerciality, functionality & elegance, capitalist & charitable – come together seamlessly within the…

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Chile’s Unique Architectural Voice

An insight into contemporary Chilean architecture, by Gerard McGuickin.

Cycling in Moon Valley, Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, North Chile. Image courtesy of Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa.

In Chile, contemporary architecture is shaped by nature, mass urbanisation, poverty and a willingness to improve. Traditional styles and influences are found across many dwellings. Chile: Facts and Figures Chile is a truly…

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Lionel Jadot: Design in the DNA

Interview with Lionel Jadot; designer, architect, artist and film-maker.


Fluid and freestyle are adjectives that could be used to describe Lionel Jadot’s style, although ‘style’ is probably not the correct word, as Lionel cannot be pigeon-holed into having a specific style or…

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Skinflint: vintage reclaimed lighting

A conversation with Sophie Miller, co-founder of Skinflint.

Airfield landing lights. Circa 1940.

In this transient world of throw-away culture, encouraged and perpetuated by planned obsolescence, the word ‘skinflint’ should be celebrated as a notion of saving and conserving resources. Thankfully, there is a tide-turn in…

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