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Chile’s Unique Architectural Voice

An insight into contemporary Chilean architecture, by Gerard McGuickin.

Cycling in Moon Valley, Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, North Chile. Image courtesy of Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa.

In Chile, contemporary architecture is shaped by nature, mass urbanisation, poverty and a willingness to improve. Traditional styles and influences are found across many dwellings. Chile: Facts and Figures Chile is a truly…

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Well-Designed Lookouts

How lookouts and design promote and enhance our view of nature.

Aurland Lookout profile. Image © Saunders Architecture.

Lookouts and observation decks have been used throughout the centuries for varying purposes. Examples include: as fire lookouts operated by forestry services; watchtowers, especially availed of for military motives; and viewing lookouts, used…

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Waterside and Rural Retreats

Where good architecture works in harmony with nature.

Image © Knut Bry, via Juvet Landscape Hotel.

With today’s architectural bias towards urban-centric conurbations and mass construction projects, it is not uncommon to feel a sense of weariness, discontent and frustration about architecture’s preoccupation with city-scale grandiose design statements. Architectural…

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Swedish Design: More than IKEA

Exploring Swedish design in the context of broader Nordic design.

Arjan Sauna by Jonas Wagell for Sommarnöjen

When attempting to define Swedish design it inevitably becomes enmeshed with the broader notion of Scandinavian design. Added to this is the fact that Scandinavian design is often confused with Nordic design. Yet…

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