Craft Makers

Interview with Cuckmere Trug Company

Interview with Robin Tuppen; owner of Cuckmere Trug Company; makers of Thomas Smith trugs.


A trug, like the word, is simplicity itself. Dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, when a ‘trog’, meaning a boat-shaped vessel, was used to measure and carry all manner of things, the modern day…

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The ancient craft of hedgelaying

Exploring the ancient craft of hedgelaying by Daniel Butler, author of 'How to Plant a Tree'.


Hedges have been described as quintessentially British frames for the landscape. Look at any picture postcard of a rural idyll and you will see a backdrop of rolling fields divided by a lattice…

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Makers Lane: The perfect middle-men

A conversation with Clare Gilligan, co-founder of Australia-based Makers Lane.

Ferrer Dining Chair by Tim Noone, furniture design, Roselands, NSW.

In a world full of indiscriminate consumption, mass-production and throw-away culture, there is, thankfully a tide-turn of considered purchasing and a quest for authenticity and truth, where discerning consumers eschew the ‘cheap &…

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