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The ancient craft of hedgelaying

Exploring the ancient craft of hedgelaying by Daniel Butler, author of 'How to Plant a Tree'.


Hedges have been described as quintessentially British frames for the landscape. Look at any picture postcard of a rural idyll and you will see a backdrop of rolling fields divided by a lattice…

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Foraging for Wild Food

Food for Free: How to fill your larder from foraging, by Daniel Butler.


When the first humans arrived in Britain some 7,000 years ago they were hunter-gatherers. For the next four millennia our ancestors lived almost entirely on the natural produce of our woods, pastures, rivers…

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Self-sufficiency, by Daniel Butler

Daniel Butler, author of Urban Dreams, Rural Realities, provides a brief insight into self-sufficiency in Wales.


There is an intrinsic romance about farming. Perhaps it’s a long-lost urge to follow in the footsteps of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but most people love the idea of producing their own food. This…

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Fungi Foraging: Forage without fear

A beginners guide to mushroom foraging by Daniel Butler, author of Fungi Forays.


The British just don’t understand wild mushrooms. If you mention the topic most people instantly think of deadly ‘toadstools’ and autumn – probably in that order. Any personal experience of harvesting will almost…

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